The jQuery Globalization plugin becomes “Globalize”

The jQuery Globalization plugin originally developed by the ASP.NET team and donated to the jQuery project, has found new life as the “Globalize” JS library.

This new library is maintained by the jQuery UI team but no longer has a dependency on jQuery. It is completely standalone, meaning you can use it with any JS library or environment you like. That’s very cool.

Moving forward, the jQuery UI library will utilize Globalize for providing globalization of the its widgets, and expose an API interface that can be met by Globalize while encouraging widget authors to utilize this API to ensure any widget can be globalized in the same way, with or without globalize.js as a depedency. That’s cool too.

The library includes culture information for ~350 cultures. That’s quite a lot. And an interesting fact: these culture files are generated from the culture info in the .NET framework. That’s especially cool.

You can grab globalize.js and the desired culture files from its home on the jQuery github account. It’s currently in “in development” status at version 0.1.0a1. You can read more about plans for its development and further releases on its jQuery UI wiki page.

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4 Comments on “The jQuery Globalization plugin becomes “Globalize””

  1. Dave Reed says:

    Excellent :) Technically the original plugin didn’t have a jQuery dependency either (well, it did at first but only for a pretty short time), but that part of it wasn’t really talked about much. The jQuery plugin version of it was really just a by-product of the script via some string replacements :) What’s important here to take note of is that it’s really being developed as such now. That’s awesome.

  2. Raj says:

    Very useful components..thanks a lot

  3. Another Damian says:

    Gracias | Thank You Damian,
    Thanks to this post I found the link to the library.

  4. Johnd367 says:

    I’m pleased that I seen this website, precisely the proper information that I was trying to find! ddcfkafkdgdd

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