Walking up Mt Buangor

My wife, a friend and I walked up Mt Buangor this Queen’s Birthday just gone and it was amazing. The circuit we took was 10.6 km with a total elevation of 380m to a highest peak of 940m above sea level. We covered varying bush land from dry and scrubby to cold covered with snowgums and huge granite outcrops including spectacular overhangs. Check out the photos in the gallery to see for yourself.

This walk was reated as Medium/Hard in the book, and it’s no surprise as the track got very hard to see in parts, and at the top the mist was so thick we were limited to around 10 metres visibility. This resulted in us getting a little off track after reaching the summit, and walking an extra kay or so, but the GPS and traditional compass (along with recently added signage) helped us to get back on track again.

I found the steep parts of the walk ascending to the summit pretty hard going, in parts I was stopping after each 3 or 4 steps to regain my breath and legs. I was carrying a 30 litre day pack for most of the walk too, and towards the summit the rain came so the nice shiny new rain coat got a good work out for the first time.

Looks like we are planning on the Grampians for our next walking outing, and judging by how I pulled up this time I think I will book myself in for a recovery massage immediately after!