VDNUG Hands-on Day

The newly formed Victoria .Net User Group had its hands on day over the weekend which I was luck enough to get a seat at. I had been up late most nights last week working on my latest uni assignment so the 5:40 AM start on Saturday was a bit of a challenge, although to my surprise it was bright and beautiful at that time of morning, and the drive to Melbourne was quite enjoyable with little traffic to be seen.
Highlights of the day for me were experiencing the improved IDE of VS2005 for the first time while actually writing code. I am going back to working on a WinForms project this week so I was keen to see what improvements had been made there. Turns out a heap! I am seriously considering porting the current project straight to VS2005 Beta 2 as the productivity gains seem to be huge. I also think the ClickOnce technology could be a real step up from the current MSI setup I have. Seeings as there is less than a month to the launch of the final product, it seems a little backward to keep developing new projects in VS2003 so the next week or two will see me exploring whether that idea really is workable in our environment or not.
Here’s hoping!

One Comment on “VDNUG Hands-on Day”

  1. Clarke says:

    Hi Damian,I was there! But, I thought that day was a bit too light weight.I’d like to see perhaps 2 streams an ‘intro’ and a ‘go deep’.This way if you have seen the basics of one product you don’t have to sit through another introduction into it.For me the high light of the day was VSTS. Mainly because I had not yet had a good look at it. I noticed you bailed at this point :)Clarke