IE7 Beta

I’ve been using the IE7 Beta release at home and on my notebook for about 6 weeks now. I am not using it on my primary work PC as I don’t want to introduce variables into supporting existing apps, etc.
So what do I think? Well firstly I’m a loyal IE user through and through. I’ve been using IE since version 3 and have never changed to another browser since. I may have installed a version of Firefox or Netscape on occasion for compatibility testing purposes but the browser I actually use when surfing the web has always been IE.
So I guess that limits the weight of my opinon somewhat but here goes anyway. From a developer’s point of view there are immediately some cool things about IE7 I really like. For example the tabbed browsing feature implementation is really good and the way it handles various scripted DHTML window object method calls is pretty much how I wanted them to be. Explicitly opening a new window from javascript via opens a new window, not a new tab, and this behaviour is configurable by the tab settings. Also, switching betwen tabs is nice and quick, unlike using the tabbing in the MSN toolbar which can often display a second or two lag when changing between tabs as it sorts itself out.
I really like the new UI and toolbar/menu layout. I think it looks nice and clean and is very functional. I have only encountered a few of the new security features but what I have seen so far I like. I accessed a site a few minutes ago with an expired SSL certificate and the action that IE7 took was clear and very secure by default. Even when I chose to continue it highlighted the address box a nasty shade of red and continued to show a warning next to the URL (I would’ve uploaded screenshots but I haven’t reinstalled Photoshop yet since my last rebuild).
I haven’t used the RSS feed features yet so I can’t comment on that. The Pop-up block seems to be getting better which each revision and so far I haven’t seen a popup get through, although I’m sure there will be somewhere. The page zooming feature is pretty neat and would definately help when designing pages.