Code Camp Oz 2006: Day two

It’s the second and final morning of Code Camp Oz 2006. Wagga Wagga is putting on beautiful fresh autumn weather for us today which is nice. Yesterday afternoon saw some really good sessions, especially Sharepoint 3 and a session on Software Factories and the Guidance Automation Toolkit by one of my favourite presenters, Readify’s Martin Granell. This is an area I’m really interested in and something I would love to put the effort into at my workplace so that we can quickly turnaround true enterprise-class applications using best-practises and some of what we’ve learnt too.
Today’s sessions I’m looking forward to include ATLAS, and intro. to TSQL. Having only developed on Oracle I have very little exposure to TSQL but it’s something worth knowing.
Last night after the sessions we enjoyed some of the offerings of the CSU’s on-campus winery and cheese factory. As a student I actually get 25% off when purchasing their produce so I might have to visit the cellar door sometime before I leave. After that was dinner at another local place which we bombarded with our endless geek-talk as the discussions swung from the nuances of bubble sorting a billion items to whether Word really is any good as a database platform.