MEDC & new i-mate SP5

I went along to the Microsoft Mobile & Embedded Developers’ Conference in Melbourne last week and it was pretty good. I learnt some valuable tips for developing for mobile devices and even WinForms but best of all was the amazing deal Microsoft struck with i-mate to give evey attendee a brand new SP5 smartphone, worth about AUS$750! Incredible. I’ve had an i-mate Smartphone2 for about 2 years now and really liked it but the SP5 is in a totally different league. The three main points of difference for me are:
  • the screen
    Wow, and I’ll say it again, wow! The QVGA screen on the SP5 is just stunning in comparison with the Smartphone2. It gives the SP5 a resolution of about 160dpi which makes for amazing clarity and contrast. Just fantastic!
  • the size
    The SP5 is a good deal smaller than the Smartphone2, and in the right places too. It is shorter and most importantly, thinner, making for a much more elegant profile.
  • Wi-Fi
    Wireless access is just great! It sounds stupid, but I sit in bed and surf the mobile web on my phone now ‘cos I can! And the same goes for work, where with a little more fiddling I hope to get messenger working through our firewall so I can stay online while in meetings. Sweet! I just need to compile a list of good mobile sites now.

5 Comments on “MEDC & new i-mate SP5”

  1. Damian says:

    Thanx for the Age link William, it’s great, just the kind of thing I was looking for.

  2. Jonamafun says:

    Gmail works really well on PIE too… then again Hotmail integration is already built-in lol. Gmail POP also works though.