The official line from Encarta: Oracle is better than SQL Server. WTF?!

I was playing around with the updated Encarta Instant Answers bot just now and I thought I’d have a little fun with it. So I asked this question:

Why is Oracle better than SQL Server?

The answer I got was:

The best of them all is obviously Oracle.

WTF? Have I slipped into the twilight zone? Bizzaro world? Doesn’t Microsoft own/run Encarta? I decided to follow the question up in reverse and I honestly expected the opposite answer:

Why is SQL Server better than Oracle?

And the answer this time:

Oracle is much much better. The best I know.

So now that is just plain spooky. If you don’t believe look at the screen capture:

I’m going to let this slide for a week or two, let the word spread and then ask Encarta the same question again…