A new job as well

As if introducing a new person into our family wasn’t enough of a change for me I’ve also started a new job…. in a new city!! I’ve left Rural Ambulance Victoria and am now working for the greatest software development house in the country, Readify.

I’d been with RAV for over seven years and it was past my time to move on. I’d decided about this time last year to really put an effort into building a network within the .NET development community in Melbourne (and nationally) by attending user groups, seminars, etc. with the idea that at some point that would make looking for the right position and company that little bit easier. I’m extremely happy with my move and the nature of my work and the company I work for also means that I can work from home around 50% of the time making the 1hr 15min train commute that much easier the days I do have to do it.

So far the biggest changes have been to do with working for external clients rather than internal departments and working on multi-developer teams. I’ve been lucky enough to be dropped into a first project that really suits my experience quite well while also challenging me to learn new things, which I have already.

So from here on in I’ll be blogging as a ‘Readifiarian’ and I hope that my new job will enable to learn great new things to post about.


One Comment on “A new job as well”

  1. William says:

    Congradulations on the job Damien!