The commute

I mentioned in a previous post that I was blogging because I had a moment to catch up. Well that’s because I’m on the commute this morning. I caught the new 7:02 VLine service this morning from Ballarat and am currently passing through somewhere between Baccus March and Sunshine. The whole trip to Southern Cross station in the city will take about 1:15. From there I’ll hop on a train to Flinders St station and then catch a tram out the front down St Kilda Doad to the Commercial Road intersection. That puts me on the client’s site at 8:50. And it’s all very relaxing and I can sit here and do this for a good portion of the trip, unlike driving.

I’ve also tried out my new Telstra NextG PDA/Phone device this morning and it’s pretty good, when it has coverage. Turns out even though there is coverage along most of the route (according to the online maps anyway) it drops out fairly frequently. It was good enough to get Windows Live Writer setup though and publish the first post.

I’m also lucky enough to know a couple of people on the route, including one of my good friends from RAV who left shortly after me and is now working as a Network Adminstrator in the city.


2 Comments on “The commute”

  1. Geoff says:

    Are you commuting every day? If you are, then wow :)

  2. Damian says:

    I’m only commuting in thrice one week, twice the next for a total of five days in any fortnight. That’s worked out really well.