SideBar Gadgets

In my previous post on Vista I remarked about the Vista SideBar and that I’ve already come to rely on a few Gadgets in my daily workings. This is the list of the Gadgets I currently have running on both my notebook and desktop:

  1. Clock
  2. Outlook Appointments
  3. Run
  4. Remote Desktop
  5. Piano (OK this one’s just for fun!)
  6. Weather (Ballarat and Melbourne)
  7. CPU Meter
  8. Notes

Now, this is the list of Gadgets I still want that I haven’t been able to find good enough examples of yet:

  1. Australian Radio
    This would look a bit like this gadget and let me select from a list of Australian radio stations that stream online, and display a nice logo of the station I’m currently listening to.
  2. Media Player
    Simple really, I just want a gadget to show me the currently playing details from Windows Media Player, including album art and maybe a pause and mute button.
  3. Media Center Guide
    This would be a mini version of the TV guide in Media Center, showing what’s on now and some buttons to scroll up/down channels and back/forward time slots. Should also show the recording details and have buttons to quickly add a show to the recording schedule.

I might just have to roll up my sleeves and get stuck into it to make these myself.


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