Tech.Ed 2007: Extreme Presenting!!

I’ve just finished giving a whirlwind overview of Silverlight for the Microsoft Technical Showcase here at Tech.Ed Oz. They had a gap in the schedule they needed to fill so I was grabbed by the arm and given an hour and a half’s warning to whack together a presentation on Silverlight, with the somewhat cheeky title "Silverlight in a Flash" (Scott Barnes told me to do it).

Anyway, it went quite well so here are the resources I mentioned at the end regarding getting started with Silverlight:

  • : the Silverlight community site, check it out for great samples, tutorials and the SDKs
  • : the official Microsoft Silverlight site, get the plug-in there and view the team’s blogs
  • : the official site for Microsoft Expression products, download Blend 2 from there to get started building Silverlight content
  • OzSilverlight Mailing List : a great Australian community has already built up around Silverlight and this list is the place to go to ask all your Silverlight questions (flick an email to with a subject of "subscribe" to join up)
  • Silverlight Training: check out Readify’s website for details of our 3-day Silverlight Workshop where you can learn all about Silverlight 1.0 and 1.1