Tech.Ed Oz 2007 begins

I arrived on the Gold Coast with my family here yesterday in the early evening. After settling in to the hotel I made my way over to the welcoming party and enjoyed the great hospitality that Tech.Ed is well known for. This morning the keynote was from animallogic regarding the work they do in visual and digital effects for television and film, very cool stuff. After that I attended a great session on AJAX Patterns with ASP.NET presented by Nikhil Kothari. He covered the basics of structuring client script using javascript features such as closures and prototypes and then demonstrated some of the cool new things included in the latest ASP.NET Futures CTP, including the sitemap generator and history control, all really cool stuff.

Next I’m off to see Dave Glover talk about the coming soon dynamic data controls for ASP.NET.

I haven’t got my Wi-Fi working here yet so I’m tethered to a desk every time I want to connect but I’ll hopefully rectify that soon. In the meantime, here are some photos from the flight and this morning.

Fitzwilliam's first flight The view from the seat

The Readify crew Keynote