Tech.d Oz: Party, party, party

So once again Tech.Ed delegates descended on Movie World for the closing party last night. The logistical feat of coaching 2,000-odd geeks the 1/2 hour journey is pretty amazing and to their credit the whole experience was incredibly smooth. The party was awesome, with even more of Movie World open this time including new rides that weren’t yet in service last time. I didn’t actually go on many rides this year but I did manage a shot at the Batman the Ride 2 which was a bit of fun and the great Scoobie Doo Spooky Coaster which is a blast. The theme for the night was sci-fi and the park was covered in smoke and characters from various sci-fi movies including Star Wars, Star Trek and The Matrix. The food was great, the drink was easy to get to, and the laser effects and general mood was fantastic. I took a heap of photos but my camera battery has run down so I can’t retrieve them yet, but as soon as I can I’ll post them up.