ReMIX08 Australia Welcome to Internet Explorer 8 session content

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Thanks to all those who attended my and Lachlan’s session on IE8 at ReMIX in Sydney and Melbourne. We hope you got something out of it. You can download the deck and demo from the session below.


5 Comments on “ReMIX08 Australia Welcome to Internet Explorer 8 session content”

  1. Hery says:

    Hi Damian,
    I tried to download the DEMOS, but i am getting this:
    Webhost4life Application Firewall AlertYour request triggered an alert! If you feel that you have received this page in error, please contact the administrator of this web site.

  2. Damian says:

    Sorry about that, it was a security guard thingy on my hosting provider. Should be OK now.

  3. SirAlucard says:

    Hey there,Just wanted to say that I *And I imagine many others* thought the idea behind your entire session to be borish, and something not worth attending. I entered it only because I was running the creative track and was damn well going to stick to it. Needless to say I felt I was going to be absolutely bored, especially as a firefox user primarily. And listening to some guys rattle on about IE for a while…oh boy.But you really showed me, ultimately out of all the sessions I went to that entire day, your one was the one that really stood out for me. Probably partly due to, I admit, the poor expectations I had in the first place. I understood pretty much everything you were both trying to show, it was all concise, and really really well presented. So this is just a long winded kudo’s for turning what most would consider a damn boring presentation, and turning it into really quite an engaging one.I could even follow your code, and I’ve barely touched code in my life.Regards,Long haired git in 3rd row @ melbourne.

  4. Chris says:

    Hi DamianI saw your IE8 session in Sydney and found it really interesting and useful.  One quick question.  In the cross-browser compatibility demo you used the MS AJAX Library to bind the JavaScript events with $addHandler.  Is there a standardised way to do this yet, e.g. using addEventListener() ?Chris

  5. Damian says:

    Hi Chris,
    Well picked up :) The current beta of IE8 still doesn’t support the DOM Events model completely, so I had to cheat a bit and use the library. Current indications are that it may not support it at all (in release), sighting incompatibilities with the current (Netscape derived) model. So we may have to continue using our JavaScript libraries for a while to come yet.