iPhone Speed Check updated to test connection latency

I’ve published an update to iphonespeedcheck.com so that it tests connection latency. I’ve also stripped out the dependency on third-party JavaScript libraries so it’s extra lean. There’s also a shiny new home screen icon too.

Note that the site will only work properly in Safari on Windows, Mac or iPhone/iPod Touch.

Thanks to Cybner for the hosting.


2 Comments on “iPhone Speed Check updated to test connection latency”

  1. Chris says:

    Damian – thanks for the speed check. I am Optus customer in Albury / Wodonga area. Why does the latency vary so much? low as 130 ms high as 1000 ms. Since this is all Oz locations, I am thinking Optus must be to blame. Comments?
    (my speed can vary from 25 kbps to 800 kbps, usually 400 kpbs. Crap really.

  2. damianedwards says:

    The page calculates latency by downloading 10 chunks of 10 bytes each and then taking an average of the time it took for each to download (this is similar to how http://www.speedtest.net does it I believe). Mobile networks are just generally pretty volatile so it’s not surprising you get varied results. Recent reviews by APC magazine showed the Optus network to be one of the worst performers of the available networks in Australia. I’m on Telstra NextG and get about 300-400ms latency & 800 Kbps from home, but usually a bit quicker when in Melbourne CBD.