Settling into my new home

So here I am, all moved in at It’s nice here, very refreshing. I’ve left my old place open so that the content I didn’t bother migrating will live on in case it’s ever helpful for somebody.


2 Comments on “Settling into my new home”

  1. Al says:

    I’ve questioned why anyone, Microsoft advocate or not would bother investing time into Live Spaces when there are better free alternatives. If you don’t mind me asking, what was your driver for leaving Live Spaces and moving to and how did your fellow Readifarians Live Spaces fan boys users take it?

  2. It was a number of reasons in the end; the lack of control of page design & layout, the fact that people had to be registered with Live to leave comments, the amount of comment spam I was getting, the lack of tagging, etc. I originally like Live Spaces because it integrated with Live Messenger but I find myself using Twitter more these days for type of communication.

    Actually it was a number of Readify guys who finally convinced me to make the switch. A lot of them use WordPress, either on or a self-hosted version.