Tech.Ed Australia Tech Talks & Panel

While at Tech.Ed Australia last week I took part in a couple of Tech Talks and a panel discussion about building for “Reach” or “Rich” web experiences. Details below.

Tech Talk: ASP.NET MVC vs. ASP.NET Web Forms – will webforms be replaced by MVC?

ASP.NET MVC is currently the technology flavour of the season. ASP.NET webforms has been a dominant development platform for a long time but MVC is receiving a lot of focus and is the choice of architetecural purists. Does this signal the demise of ASP.NET webforms? Should we be choosing MVC for all future projects?

See the video here

Tech Talk: Building Fast, Public Websites

Building public websites can be hard at the best of times. Making them fast can be even harder. What makes a website faster? What makes it appear faster to users? How can you leverage features of ASP.NET to get the best experience for your users? Tune in to hear two ASP.NET MVPs share some of the problems they had to solve while rebuilding Australia’s largest e-commerce site.

See the video here

Panel: Rich vs. Reach – should we develop apps for the lowest common denominator?

See the video here

7 Comments on “Tech.Ed Australia Tech Talks & Panel”

  1. Matt Frear says:

    Hi Damian,

    I enjoyed your jQuery talk at TechEd Auckland.

    I have a queston… in your demo you showed that we could include jQuery in another .js file by simply using

    I haven’t seen that syntax before. Is it a Visual Studio only thing or an IIS only thing?

    Even stack overflow seems to come up with long answers to the question:

    I’m trying to use the technique so that I can use jQuery with SQL Server Reporting Services’ Report Manager. The Report Manager 2008 doesn’t ship with the source code but there is a .js and a .css that one can modify. FYI, SSRS 2008 doesn’t run under IIS, it supplies its own web server.



  2. Matt Frear says:

    Ha of course it stripped out my comment but what I had was,

    /// left than reference path=”jQuery” greater than.


  3. Chris says:


    Attended your talk “WEB301 ASP.NET MVC: Building for the web (and even mobile) with ASP.NET MVC” at TechEd. Very informative, very interesting. I was trying to review some of the things I learned there, but there doesn’t seem to be video for it (and I didn’t take the best notes). In particular do you have the details about doing the URL rewritting in the Global.asax without using MVC that you showed early on in your presentation? Is there some way to get that sample code?


  4. Andre says:


    I attended TechEd on the Gold Coast and I think more than 50% of presentations I attended featured you as a presenter. Thank you very much for a lot of useful information!
    I do have a question though – you have mentioned that you extended ScriptManager functionality to combine/compress all JS files into site.js and it is used in project.
    I just had a look at the page source and it appears that WebResource.axd and ScriptResource.axd are not merged into site.js. Is there a reason why you decided not to include them?
    Also looking at the contents of site.js I can see that it includes MicrosoftAjax.js and few other things which would be delivered as part of ScriptResource.axd, is there a reason behind this?
    And finally I see that not all scripts inside site.js are stripped out from white space. What is different with these ones (ie. “Countdown for jQuery”)?
    The reason I am asking is because I have started work on combining all CSS and JS resources in a similar fashion for our public websites and don’t want to learn on my errors :).
    Thank you very much.


  5. Stephen Cossgrove says:


    I have been watching the tech-ed presentations on MVC subjects and have just finished your presentation on “ASP.NET MVC: Building for the web (and even mobile) with ASP.NET MVC” and found it very helpful. However i would like to see the source code of the presentation demos to cement my understanding of some of the issue that you covered. Is this possible and if so could you provide me with a link to down this demo source code?

  6. You can grab the demo project I built from