BUILD talk on working with data in ASP.NET Web Forms 4.5 Developer Preview

Create rich, data-driven Web apps with ASP.NET 4.5 Web FormsThanks to those who attended my BUILD talk on the new features for working with data in ASP.NET Web Forms 4.5 Developer Preview (great name 😐 ).

If you didn’t catch it, you can watch it on Channel 9.

The demo project I used can be downloaded from

We’d love to hear feedback on these new features so please download the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview, read the series on new ASP.NET features from ScottGu, read the What’s New in ASP.NET 4.5 and Visual Web Developer whitepaper, and try out the new features with *your* projects, by opening them in VS11 and updating them to use things like Model Binding and Unobtrusive Validation.

There’s no better testing than with real world apps!

10 Comments on “BUILD talk on working with data in ASP.NET Web Forms 4.5 Developer Preview”

  1. Petr Lev says:

    Great video on channel 9, thanks

  2. Vidar says:

    If you could add support for generics on templates, it would be a really cool feature..

  3. dotnetstep says:

    It is really nice video.
    When i go through last part of your video i see something that use FormValueProvider in Code.
    Can i use ControlValueProvider same way ?

  4. Stilgar says:

    Model Binders are cool but I must ask why do devs have to hook up the method with their names as string? Why not some kind of compile-time checks? Why not hook up the methods as strongly typed delegates?

  5. joorno says:

    You said that the Membership API would be revamped/upgraded in ASP.Net 4.5. Is this still planned?

    • In as much as the new templates are defaulting to using updated versions of the new Universal Providers that we’ve previously shipped on NuGet. The templates will also support signing in using 3rd-party authentication providers, e.g. Open ID, Facebook, etc. OOTB. The core Membership APIs themselves are not being extensiviely changed.

  6. @Stiglar – I agree, but one of the great features of model binding is its ability to call methods of any signature. There is still no way in C# to pass a strong reference to a method unless you have a strongly typed delegate or the method matches one of the Func or Action delegates, and even then it can’t infer the type, you have to explicitly define it.

    I actually experiemented with writing some extension methods that allow you to set the SelectMethod, etc. properties from code using lamda expressions but it proved unwieldly in practise.

  7. Robert says:


    You need to add a Feed button\icon to your site… I had to look in the HTML source to get the url…


  8. Mark says:

    Can you call methods for the SelectMethod from another class such as a repository class?

  9. Vishal Kaushik says:

    It is good to see these new things in ASP.NET Web forms but does it mean MS is actually under MVC pressure and trying to get to a point where there is no ASP.NET web forms? Sometimes what I feel the power of developing Web Apps in ASP.NET is now dying as more and more focus is on Rapid Application Development. In real world if I was to develop an app say for a Net Banking I do not see this will go long way at all. I hope MS will understand this and will not get carried away with ASP.NET MVC breeze………….