SignalR 0.4 Released!

I’m happy to announce that the long awaited 0.4 release of SignalR is now available on NuGet! The sample package has also been updated to account for some of the API changes.

This release brings a huge amount of changes including new features, massive performance improvements and some API breaking changes (for the better of course).

Here’s an overview of the changes in this release:

  • Increased throughput by almost 100% from 0.3.5
  • Substantially reduced memory use
  • Decoupled from ASP.NET, can now host on other servers, e.g. OWIN, HttpListener, etc.
  • Standardized on JSON.NET for JSON serialization and deserialization
  • Removal of non-async APIs
  • Removal of statics to allow for better isolation (like testing, multi-host, etc.)
  • Support for four transports:
    • WebSockets on ASP.NET with Windows 8
    • Server Sent Events (EventSource)
    • Forever Frame
    • Ajax Long Polling
  • Improved transport negotiation
  • Support for custom querystring values in connection URLs
  • Support for dynamic parameters to hub methods
  • Improved disconnect logic and notification
  • Client support for .NET, Silverlight and Windows Phone 7
  • Improved tracing
  • Tools and configuration for load testing
  • Loads and loads of bug fixes

Plans for future releases

Our upcoming releases will focus on supporting scale out for web farms and cloud hosting scenarios, along with further features and improvements. While the list is still being decided, the following features are being considered:

  • Scale out providers for SQL Server and Service Bus
  • Cross domain connections
  • Hub JS proxy file generation at design/build time for improved JS IntelliSense & bundling support
  • .NET client side proxy generation
  • Much improved tracing
  • Web Forms control for server originated post-back (for use in UpdatePanels)

Giving Feedback & Getting Assistance

Please jump into the SignalR room on JabbR if you want to discuss any feature or issue or just chat with the SignalR team and other SignalR users. If you find a bug or have a feature suggestion, please log an issue on github.

Show Your Support

We love hearing of people having fun with SignalR. To show your support and keep us in the loop of your successes or otherwise, you can follow SignalR on twitter, and watch the SignalR repository on github.


BUILD talk on working with data in ASP.NET Web Forms 4.5 Developer Preview

Create rich, data-driven Web apps with ASP.NET 4.5 Web FormsThanks to those who attended my BUILD talk on the new features for working with data in ASP.NET Web Forms 4.5 Developer Preview (great name 😐 ).

If you didn’t catch it, you can watch it on Channel 9.

The demo project I used can be downloaded from

We’d love to hear feedback on these new features so please download the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview, read the series on new ASP.NET features from ScottGu, read the What’s New in ASP.NET 4.5 and Visual Web Developer whitepaper, and try out the new features with *your* projects, by opening them in VS11 and updating them to use things like Model Binding and Unobtrusive Validation.

There’s no better testing than with real world apps!

Blog links updated

I’ve gone back through my blog articles and updated the links to code samples and the like as many of them were no longer working after I recently changed hosting providers. If you happen to come across any I missed, just drop me a comment to let me know and I’ll fix it up quick smart.

Typing speed

Mitch did it, then Darren. Now I’ve taken the typing test.

Typing test

I’m pretty happy with that, given that I’m not used to copying out great reams of repeating (or non-repeating) text.

What do you get?

CSS gone mad!

I found this site by way of Dave Glover and had to post it here:
I’m a big fan of CSS-based design (throw away those ugly <table> tags will you!) and this site really showcases just how powerful it can be. Unfortanetely I don’t quite have the creative talent of the designers on show there but that’s no reason not to use the technology.

I’m a Tech Talk Blogs Guest Blogger!

Well that’s just plain scary! I’m one of the guest bloggers over at Tech Talk Blogs for the next month or so, sharing the spot with others who have lots of impressive initials after their names and accolades to brag about. I’ll be flying the flag for the little people, you know, the one’s who are only just starting on .NET 2.0 stuff having been caught in 1.1 projects for what seems like an eternity, and perhaps don’t use SQL Server for their database, shock horror!
Wish me luck!

Oracle and .NET Blog

Found a good looking Oracle and .NET blog today here:
Seems this guy has presented a bit on Oracle at Tech.Ed US this year which Oracle is a Silver Sponsor of. How long until we see this sort of content at Tech.Ed Oz???